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About O2

O2 (sometimes misspelled as 02), is one of the biggest UK mobile telecoms companies. It was previously called BT Cellnet, and in 2006 was bought by Telefónica, a Spanish multinational. It's the second-largest mobile company in the UK, after Everything Everywhere (EE). The company was actually formed by British Telecom and Securicor back in 1985, which makes it one of the oldest dedicated UK mobile phone operators. The company owns the MVNO Giffgaff, which is aimed at the budget end of the phone market. O2 have sponsored a number of music venues in the UK, the largest of which is the O2 Arena in Greenwich, formerly the Millenium Dome.

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This page was last updated in October 2016. The actual phone coverage maps are kept up-to-date by the respective phone companies.

Mobile Coverage News

  • EE Calls for Greater Clarity in UK - Monday 28th November 2016
    EE has called upon rival mobile phone networks to provide "greater clarity" on the issue of signal coverage.
  • MPs Urge Mobile Roaming Within the UK - Tuesday 1st November 2016
    Mobile phone companies must allow customers to move between networks in parts of the UK, where reception is poor, a group of MPs has been told.
  • Rest of UK Lags Behind London in 4G - Sunday 9th October 2016
    The rest of the UK lags behind London in terms of access to data services over 4G, according to a report from the OpenSignal and Which?

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