Best Mobile Coverage - Compare The Networks

Which UK Network Has The Best Signal Coverage?

This is a hard question to answer! Each mobile phone network claims coverage over a particular percentage of the population, although the actual signal strength in any place will vary. Here are the coverage percentages, given by each network.

Note: a 2G signal will allow calls and texts, as well as slow Internet access. A 3G signal offers the same, plus a much faster Internet connection. Mobile broadband will use either the 2G, or 3G connection - whichever is available.

Network Signal Coverage Comparison, By Percentage of Population

Comparison made at April 2013.

Network 2G Signal 3G Signal 4G Signal Notes
EE Coverage 99.8% 98% 50% Uses Orange and T-Mobile networks for 2G and 3G.
Coverage Stats Source
3 Coverage 99% 93% - Uses Orange network for 2G.
Coverage Stats Source
O2 Coverage 99% 80% -
Orange Coverage 99% 93% - Customers can use T-Mobile network, too.
Coverage Stats Source
Talkmobile Coverage 99% 90% - Uses the Vodafone network.
T-Mobile Coverage 99% 93% - Customers can use Orange network, too.
Coverage Stats Source
Virgin Mobile Coverage 99% 80% - Uses the Everything Everywhere (Orange & T-Mobile) network.
Vodafone Coverage 99% 80% -
Coverage Stats Source
Asda Mobile Coverage 99% 80% - Uses Vodafone network.
Coverage Stats Source
Family Mobile Coverage 99% 93% - Uses T-Mobile network.
Coverage Stats Source
Giffgaff Coverage 99% 80% - Uses the O2 network.
Coverage Stats Source
Lebara Mobile Coverage 99% 90% - Uses the Vodafone network.
Tesco Mobile Coverage 99% 80% - Uses the 02 network.
Coverage Stats Source

So Which Network is Best for Me?

As you can see, 2G reception - mobile phone coverage that counts for normal calls - is difficult to compare by the figures. Every network boasts an extremely high percentage of the UK population. 3G (and fast mobile broadband) is easier - Three coverage is right up there, alonside Orange, and T-Mobile; they are well ahead in terms of 3G signal coverage.

However it's difficult to know whether reception is good where you need to use your phone or mobile broadband modem. A good way to find out is by using the signal checkers for each network. You can find links to those below - just click on a logo to go to that network's signal coverage map.

Links to Network Coverage Maps

EE 3 O2 Orange Talkmobile T-Mobile Virgin Mobile Vodafone Asda Mobile Family Mobile Giffgaff Lebara Mobile Tesco Mobile

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Are you thinking about moving to a new network? If so, then another option is to order some free SIM cards for the network you're interested in.